Not writing in my Journal.

This is what having my computer on my bed rather than my journal does.
It works, doesn't it?

Anyway, Bexs, Alex, and I sat up tonight talking.
Of course.
And an interesting question was posed- who are you, really?
What accomplishments and characteristics of yourself can you claim as purely your own and not your circumstance?

And as I drove home in silence from dropping off Alex, I was thinking.
So hard, in fact, that I sat at a green, empty light for about 30 seconds waiting to turn left.... But that's far beside the point.

I thought about God, and who he has created me to be.
He has placed me into very blessed circumstances where I have learned to love education and religion and family. He has given me resources to attain any dream I could ever want. He has shown me that I am far greater than I can ever comprehend or bring myself to believe. And he has given me traits that are inherently my own- that are not part of me because of my circumstance, but because he has given them to me.

I think that sometimes I let certain traits slip by as, "Well, I'm like that because my parents taught me and I was raised like that." But when I really stop to think, I see that my parents have guided me towards, rather than taught, my own certain ways to act and be. I think in different circumstances there are still many aspects of my character that would stick. Not that I could point out any traits specifically, but I know that God has given each person traits that will bless them in this life.

Isn't it interesting to think of how much he gave you? What certain gifts he blessed you with because that is you. Not because you were raised that way, but because you are you. Everyone has qualities that make them a wonderful person.

Or so I believe.

Just a thought.

Love always,

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