A Whole New World.

Well folks, I am now officially a BYU Cougar! We are all moved in and enjoying the selective parts of Freshmen Orientation that do not require us to be outside in the ridiculous heat wave that Utah is having. (I thought I came to Utah to escape the heat....) Anyway, I am super happy that my Y Group leader happened to be Anna Toone, one of Caleb's good friends and just an awesome person in general. So awesome that Becca ended up joining my Y group because she lost hers then just liked mine so stayed in it. So... Let's get on with the pictures.

This is my life packed away in the back of my mom's Volvo. There was not an inch of space that we did not utilize.

This is a really lame picture but I was reading my book and loved two things about this. 1.) It says haha 2.) It is punctuated Ha!Ha!Ha! Funny, right? Moving on.....

This is my college's building: The Joseph F. Smith Building which is home to the College of Humanities. It is a beautiful place.

And here I am rejoicing in my college. YAY!

Becca and I met some new fun friends (imagine that) and this was our phone family at dinner. My Mamma phone, Tim's Dada phone, and Becca's baby phone. (presh).

Tim and Becca acting oh so fancy at dinner in the Cannon Center.

The girls this morning before devotional by the beautiful flowers of the ASB (aka the X building, the building with Brigham out front or the Administration building.) BYU really loves acronyms.

HA. Inappropriate book in the Periodicals section of the massive library that I will get lost in.

Becca's a rebel. Watch out. She reshelves books....

The giant world. Oh, and don't mind that Christian and Caleb just decide to be super awkward in this picture.... We still like them. Even though they live in Wyview.

 The three amigos finally got together! I was so happy to see these lovely girls! So crazy to think that we finally have made it to college!

Becca and I are loving our life in Helamen and are  meeting so many great people! College is going to be great, I can just tell. We haven't even started anything yet and I am already in love. Cougars for life!

Love always,


Simply Me said...

I'm so jealous. You look like you're having so much fun! Miss you!

Katelin said...

I am impressed at your packing skills!..That volvo sure gives you a nice canvas to work with..ha! College is awesome! What great adventures you will embark upon! SO EXCITING! :)

Bex said...

I like the picture with the hell book. So naughty.