Well, school starts tomorrow. Becca and I are heading to sleep soon because we are super scared slash just tired from the day. We had a wonderful Sunday, by the way, filled with walking around campus and attending our new ward (which we love) and hanging out with our new, wonderful friends named Jacob and Eric during open hall hours. It was a good day. Here are some pictures to prove it to you.

A corner of my desk. Random, I know.

Lindsey, Becca, and Jacob enjoying peaches and Uno.

Alex and I are bad at photos on the front camera.... 

Caroline, Eric, and Lindsey 

The Uno game that lasted an hour... Yes, an hour.

Becca and her tiger picture from an undisclosed location. (She did not steal it from our hallway....)

Let me tell you something, this college thing is wonderful. And BYU, I can't even express how amazing it is- from the beautiful grounds to the friendly people, there is really no comparison. I'm beyond words of gratitude for the opportunity I have to be here at college and I hope to be able to soak it all up.

Maybe one day Becca and I will do a vlog... that sounds exciting.

Love always,

ps thank Anson Crum for making me post more regularly.... we're exchanging pictures of our college life and it's making me actually document my life. Three cheers for Anson!

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