Here's a funny story about class today.

I was sitting in my Book of Mormon class today and Bro. Merrill asked us what we do when we're feeling down in the dumps.
One girl says she runs. I thought that was acceptable.
Another girl says she plays piano. Understandable.
Then I realize I'm in honors because people start saying,
I read the book of mormon.
I go outside and pray.
I go serve others......

Ok, really?
My Book of Mormon friend, David, looks at me and says,
"Well I must just be a horrible person because I don't do any of that..."
I replied,
"Ya, neither do I. I just watch a chick flick and cry."

I totally agree that those things are great to do when you're feeling down;
however, I rarely ever do that as my first resort.
Which is probably bad, but hey,
none of us are perfect.
I'm far from it.

School is stressful.
It's just crazy busy and last week I became aware that I may switch to English Teaching rather than the English major.

It's a problem.
Here's the difference.

English Major= 45-65 credit hours.
English Teaching= 75-94 credit hours.


So, life goes on.
And we keep figuring it our slowly.
And for all the stress,
life is so completely beautiful.
In every way.

Love always,

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