Life is Grand, so Grand.

Hello friends!
Life over her at Helamen Halls is going well,
of course.
This week was a bit stressful between sickness, homework, and midterms but, we pulled through most successfully and then had a most wonderful weekend!

Last week, we took a trip to Costa Vida after our Friday classes. We really miss our weekly Cafe Rio trips so we had to settle for the second best- Costa. It was satisfying, but not as much as Cafe. Someday we'll get down to Cafe.

 The Gang:

This weekend was started off with a bang! We went to the BYU vs. UCF game which BYU won! Oh happy day! And we had 4th row tickets! FOURTH ROW TICKETS PEOPLE. It was awesome!

Here are some happenings at the game. We love BYU football. Especially when they redeem themselves from the game that must not be named.

I don't know what's going on in this picture....

Becca and Sean know a secret, apparently.

Yup, Cosmo came up to us. Becca screamed so loud every time he was close. (oh an ps please love the girl in the background... it makes me laugh every.time.)

 Yesterday, after the Alumni lunch for Arizona kids (which we won stuff at!), Becca and I went to take some tests- the testing center was CRAZY. Then I came home to study and she went about doing Sean things. Anyway, as I was walking in the hallway, Alyssa, the RS president from upstairs asked if I was going to the Marriott center for the RS broadcast then gave me a ticket to got to Salt Lake to see it in the conference center! It was an AMAZING experience. And Pres. Ucthdorf's talk was astounding... it brought me to tears.

After, the five girls I was with went and walked around Temple Square. It was so lovely.

I came home, Tyler helped me with my French homework, and then got his guitar and played for me. Yup, I spent the rest of the evening being serenaded. Ya know, the norm.

So life is grand.
We love most everything about it.
Except the stress, but with chocolate milk, it's all ok.

Becca's words of advice for the week are,
"When you're having a hard time motivating yourself, just use a green pen. It's more fun!"
Thanks, Bexs.

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday!
I'm quite certain we will!

Love always,

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Haylee Rae said...

Don't worry, I can't stop stalking your blog. You're too cute ta boot! Miss you Em!