So Goes the Life.

Life over here in Ptown has been stupendous.

Since I cannot remember the last time I blogged,
I'll just upload some pictures of what has been going on.

This was our view during conference. It was so beautiful. And not cold. 
Now it's cold.

Representing the 108th ward at Tunnel Singing! 
Ryan, the boy in the picture, is going to Germany for his mission.
He was waiting to announcing it right then.

On Friday, my Book of Mormon friend, David, ate lunch with Maeser and I! We convinced him to forego homework and go with us to Morgan's to make cookies. He said he was only going to stay for 15 minutes. He stayed for 2 hours. Rylee and Drew joined us and it was so much fun! Even if our attempt at cookie bowls was an utter failure. 

This is an extremely awkward picture of everyone. But a keepsake, nonetheless.
 It rained for two days straight last week. 
So much coldness.
On the upside, there was so much fun umbrella and bootness that went on. 
Hence, this picture.
 Then, on Saturday, we ended the night at the football game.
We won, and we froze.
Again, so cold.
What are we going to do when it becomes winter- a real winter, with snow and negative temperatures?
I think I shall just become an ice cube.
As we walked home, we noticed the Y was only half-lit,
so odd.
So I snapped a picture.

Today, was a productive Monday. I already have my humanities reading done for Wednesday. That is something that never happens. So, I am very happy. Tayla came over to our dorm after FHE and we all did homework. And yes, we really did do homework. Then we celebrated homework with photo booth. Of course. 

Oh, life is so good.

Love always,

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