How to Spend a Sunday Correctly.

Today, as we sat at dinner with Scotty Andrews,
We decided that we needed a scale to rate guys by.

Originally, we were going to use real guys we knew with code names.

That wasn't nice though, so we went for the fictional aspect of things....

Disney Princes. Here's what we came up with....

Pretty self-explanatory.

Then, since the princes have weak-sauce personalities, we came up with a personality scale using only our very favorite chick-flicks.

Here's that one....

This one calls for explanation.
So Noah and Darcy are the best fictional characters invented.
Thank you, Mr. Sparks and Ms. Austen.
Noah is just a bit more forward, which we love.
Plus, we don't know how P&P ends, so.... Where's the rest of their life to judge by?
(Although secretly, I love Darcy maybe a tad more than Noah...)

Next, we have the self-sacrificing lovers.
Gerry, from PS I Love You.
Tears. Every. Time.
Need I say more?
And then Landon Carter from A Walk to Remember.
Heart breaking story of love and a man doing everything he can to make his one love happy.
Even marrying her when he knows he will only have her for a little.
(Scotty thinks Landon is better than Gerry, but we're undecided so we left him where he is...
pretty much, all the top guys are amazing and we would marry any of them)

Then we have the Toms.
Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.
"Just a good guy." -Becca.
And Tom from {500} Days of Summer.
We love Tom, but he needs to wear the pants a bit more.

So, here are the less desirables.
The ones we still love but can't quite handle: Rhett Butler and Heathcliff.
Rhett Butler loves Scarlett to the moon and back, but....
So much arrogance.
Heathcliff, is a passionate lover.
A bit too much passion and um....
maybe just a bit too vengeful,
but just a bit.

Then, the two VERY undesirables.
John Willoughby, heart breaker.
He should teach a course on it.
Thank you Colonel Brandon for saving Marianne.
Mr. Collins.
Need anyone say more on this matter?
I protest not.

So, there you have it.
Please refer back to this if you ever are lost on the blog about guys.

Love always,
Ems, Bexs, and Scotty Andrews.

p.s. this may be our biggest accomplishment of college yet.


Bex said...

Love this. I hope we are as fun as we think we are. :)

Anonymous said...

Since Rhett isn't here to defend himself, I'll do it for him.
"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."