The Best Class Ever (Continued)

Remember how I posted that video about RMYL215?
It's the best class ever.

If I were Rapunzel, I would swing around a tree saying,
But I'm not....
so that image will have to suffice y'all.

Here's why that class is the best.
 Buddy the Elf came to our class today.


It's the coolest class.

And then, we enjoyed the four main food groups:
Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, and Syrup.

Well, Cameron and Mitch did.....
The girls stood around and took pictures. 
So classic Team Awesome.
Love those people.

Seriously, take this class.
You can't even understand how awesome Dr. Palmer is until he's standing in front of the class singing, dancing, and acting out all sorts ridiculous things. 
He's a hoot, a real hoot.

Oh man, I love that class.
I'm going to be so sad to see the end of it on my birthday next week.

Love always,

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