Why Can't the English?

So I do hope you have all see this movie.
If not, you're missing out.

Today, Becca and I were discussing Professor Higgins' very true point
of how we speak English so improperly.

Ever noticed how when asked,
 "How are you?"
We answer,
"I'm good."

It's "I'm well."

Yet, when you answer like that,
everyone just gets uncomfortable
and the you're in an awkward situation.

Same with when you say
"May I have..."
rather than
"Can I have..."

So yes, Professor Higgins,
we don't speak proper English
(Well, according to him, we Americans haven't spoken it for ages...)
but we do all get along and like each other.

So that's good,

Love always,

p.s. I'm missing this man in my life....
Oh how I love me some Mr. Darcy.

1 comment:

Karli said...

I find that saying "I'm doing well," sounds less awkward than just "I'm well." Still correct, but less awkward. :) I've watched that movie at least 3 times in the last 5 months...