People Make me Happy.

I really like people.
They just make me happy.
I like how in love my brother and his wife are.
I like being with people who make me smile.
I like when people let me nuzzle them.
I like people who like me.
I like my friends.
I like strangers who are nice.
I like silly boys who try and race me in my mustang on the I-15.
I like people who sing in the showers cause they think they're the only people in the hall during break.

You see, I've decided that people in Utah are just super nice
(except when they're driving....)
and actually, I don't think it's just Utah.
I think that people in general like other people and would prefer to be with them.
Nobody likes loneliness.
That's why we always play music and watch movies and read when we're alone...
we like to pretend we're with other people.
Don't you agree?
That's what I do, at least.

So, for all the bad in the world,
there's a lot of good people.
And I like that about life.
A lot.

I also like other certain things in life at the moment,
but that's a story for another time slash
another place... aka my journal.

Make the world a better place today
and smile and be nice to a stranger.
Show them that the world is good and people are nice.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Safe travels and happy turkey eating!

Love always,


Makay said...

Just lovely.
I love people too! :)

Rachel Lyn said...

i like you. and i like all the things you like. so much so that i just might copy and paste this post to save it because i agree and it makes me happy! i like this post.