Ms. Pesek

A week ago, today, Morgan texted me with the devastating news.
Our second grade teacher, Ms. Pesek, had tragically passed away.
I was in schock all day, and broke down crying as I recorded my thoughts that night. 

Today was her funeral in Mesa; not being able to be there has been hard for me.

Ms. Pesek was a teacher that I loved and cherished more than I can express. 
She created an eagerness for learning in my heart that shaped who I am today. 
She taught me confidence in myself the day I came in with road rash on my face by giving me a hug and telling me that everyone in class was still going to be my friend.
She showed me charity by organizing a huge book drive for children in the Philippines and teaching us that there was nothing better in the world that we could do than help those in need.
She exemplified patience to all of us by loving the kids in our class who were mean and hard. 
She exuded happiness and joy with her classroom colored in yellow paper, suns, and flowers.
She fostered our creativity by telling us that our second-grade drawings and stories were some of the best she'd ever seen- and we all knew she meant it. 
She loved us as her children, because, we were, and that meant the world to our little second grade class.

Ms. Pesek will forever be missed from our lives, 
from the lives of the hundreds of students she touched in her teaching,
from everyone who knew her and loved her.

She was an amazing woman.

I'm so grateful to know of the plan of salvation,
and to know that someday, 
I will be able to give her a hug again and give her the thanks I never did here.
She deserves more than the gratitude I can express. 

We love and miss you, Ms. Pesek,
and we will take all you taught us 
and spread it through the world, 
so that you will never be forgotten,
because we could never let you fade from our hearts. 

Love always,


Makay said...

Aw. I am so sorry darling.
I am glad to know that she was welcomed by the Lord! That is wonderful.

Rachel Lyn said...

ok i'm obsessed with this post too. you just have a way with words!! i aspire to be half the teacher you are describing here! She is inspiring me and i never knw her!