Good Memories.

Well friends, another weekend sped by and I feel like I didn't even have time to blink.

The good news is,
this is my last week of classes.

The bad news is,
that means finals are in a week.

Let's pray we make it through.

Today, I feel like recounting a bit of history.

All through my life, I have had two best friends.
The kind of friends that are always there for you and
 that you spend more time at their house than at your own.
The friends who's moms are your second moms, ya know?

Their names are Morgan and Jessika.
Aren't we cute?
(Morgan is the one wrapped up)
We did everything together.
Jessika was the tom-boy,
I was the girly-girl,
and Morgan was the happy medium of the two of us.

I don't really have a story to go with this...
Just some cute pictures of Morgan and me.
So ya.
Enjoy this blast from the past!

Ah, good times.
I miss being a child.
And Il one those two girls to death.

That is all.

Love always,

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