My Last Year as a Teenager.

Today, I am 19.
This means this is my last year as a teenager.

And do you want to know how my last year as a teenager started?
By receiving a pillow pet from my three girlies.

I'm pretty sure a 19 year-old girl shouldn't be this happy
about a pillow pet....
But with a name like Pierre, how can you resist?

It's going to be a good birthday.

I love life!

Love always,


Makay said...

C'mon- how could you NOT be excited about a pillow pet? So cute. :)
I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and a super blessed year Ems! :)

Rachel Lyn said...

Can your Pierre be friends with my Oscar?! He's a penguin. They are wondrous friends I tell you.

Rachel Lyn said...

P.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love stalking you :) I hope the day was so simply wondrous :)