1. Arizona welcomed me home only to have me leave it after a week. We have an unfortunate relationship that I miss.
2. Took a picnic with the Zac(k)s and Morgan. It was lovely. 
3&4. Went roller-rink skating at the classiest joint in town: Skateland.
4&5. Welcomed in the New Year with a party at my house. Giant speakers included along with slightly upset neighbors (sorry bout that...) Not included, my dear camarade de chambre, Bexs. Missed her dearly. 
6. Welcomed the snow.... and Leah's love for Bacon. 
7. Enjoyed an IHop run after a night at Lowe's Extreme Air Sports with our new friend Isaac (and old friends we adore). I started the spoon-on-nose game and naturally everyone wanted to follow. Becca succeed, Dallin did not. 
8. We really liked our waiter and tried to write him a message in syrup... We didn't succeed.

Life is back in the swing of things, and I'm loving it.
Here's to another great semester!

Love always,

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