Arizona Statehood Day.

In the wake of all this love, people are forgetting something very important.
It is the 100th birthday of the beautiful state of Arizona.
Who needs Valentine's Day when you have an amazing state?

But in all reality, that's not what I am posting on today.
Because it is Valentine's Day, and I have a very special post today.
It's about these two people....

My parents.
The other night, as I sat in my bed thinking about love,
I immediately thought about these two, and the immense love they have for each other.

Growing up, I always knew my parents were in love, it was never a question.
My dad would bring home flowers for my mom,
my mom would be cooking dinner for my dad, and welcome him home with a "Hallelujah" just because he liked it.
There were always notes left for each other around the house,
and there was always kissing and hugging and Caleb saying they needed to get a room.

The thing is, that is still how they are.
They are still so in love, and it is such an amazing thing to me.
They have the kind of love that I want to find- a love that is enduring and constant.

I'm not saying they're perfect, heaven knows our entire family is far from that,
but they are in love, and that is what is important,
because with that love in their hearts,
they can go out into the world and accomplish anything together.

And that is truly what love is really about so,
Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers.
May your love always endure life's crazies.

Love always,

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