I was reading the blog of my good friend, Caroline, tonight.

She posted about the boy above, my dear friend Jonathan Lane, and how he's leaving on his mission.
All us BYU friends missed his farewell, and as I read her post, I couldn't help but cry.
She talked about how blessed we have been in not only our friends from home, but also in our friends up here at the Y.
And she's so right.

Recently, I've really been thinking about this.
 I honestly can not imagine a better group of guys and girls to go through high school with.
Those crazy boys that were my best friends mean more than the world to me, they really all do.
 As they've been getting calls and leaving to all the corners of the Earth, I've been realizing that life is changing so much, and I know I've talked about it a lot, but it's been consuming my life.

Yesterday night, the four of us girls spent the evening at Zack and Joey's talking and making food.
As Becca and I got ready for bed, we talked about how much those two boys mean to us.
We continued to talk about how grateful we are for all the boys we've left back home,
and we decided we couldn't ask for better boys.
Those boys are the kind of boys we're looking for.
Sure, they're not perfect, but they're all trying mighty hard, and we love them, we really do.

I just can't even express my full gratitude for all of them in my life.
As Lane leaves on his mission, I'll be praying for him, and for Aaron, and for Eric, and I'll remember to cherish all the moments I have with the boys that are left, because I know my time with them is going to slip away so quickly.

But life changes, and we all move on, and we keep growing and becoming better, and I think that's what's important to remember.

Life isn't supposed to stay the same, if it did, we would never learn anything and we would never grow.
So I'm grateful that the boys are leaving, and that we're all growing in our separate ways.
I'm grateful that I've been able to realize how much they mean to me.
I'm grateful that they've taught me what a true friend is.
I'm grateful that they've shown me what to look for in a husband.
I'm grateful that they're all going out to serve the Lord for two years.
But mostly, I'm just grateful for them.

And tonight, I am feeling so blessed. 

Love always,


Anonymous said...

I love this Emma! I wish your girls could be down here to hear their amazing talks. And I wish I could be in az when the rest of the guys give their farewells in the summer. Thanks for letting me be a part of the group... I couldn't ask for better friends!

Sarah :) said...

I just love you Ems! And I love your cute blog! You're a great writer and you always have inspiring things to say. Thanks for making my day! Love, your new sis! :)