Did you Hear? Life is Happy.

Guys, life is just the happiest thing right now.
Not that I've had any extra special things, it just is.

To start off, I apparently got famous!
This picture was posted in Seen @ BYU on Facebook...
Yup, that was me.
I felt so cool, I can't' even tell you.

In real news, here's what I've been up to...

Harold and I are pretty much in a relationship.
I spend all my evenings with him and then he kicks me out by playing loud music like U2.
This is where I discover funny things sometimes...
Like how Jacob is taking so many credits and our schedules look ridiculous next to each other....

Also, I always find Morgan's webcam love there. 
It always makes my day. 

We said goodbye to Elder Sanders with a fun Friends breakfast.
Best of luck to him in South Korea!

 Josh, being the good brother he is, introduced me to JDawgs.
Deliciousness, I tell ya.

We had a poker night in the Building 9 lobby.
Becca made her "chips" into a fish.
She's a creative one.

And then Ian had us help him color....
He was not very good at it.
But we still like him.

I just can't even tell you how happy life is right now.
Even though I'm really ready for springtime and summer,
I'm still just in love with life.
It's such a beautiful thing, and every day, I am just happy.
And that is when life is the best.

Love always,

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