Happiness Haps.

Here are some things that were pure happiness these last weeks....

1. Painting with the Mr. Ladd. I'm impressed with our water coloring skills, but no worries, it was mostly him. I only did the sky. Which actually, I think looks quite lovely. Man, I want to go to Paris

2. Hanging out with Cosmo at the last home gymnastics meet. Just the norm.

3. Hunger Games. I'm obsessed. Definitely cried throughout and still, it is the hottest topic at our lunch table.

4. The Holi Festival of Colors. So much fun, so much color. Definitely a must-do if you're ever living near Spanish Fork, Utah.

5. Less than a month till I am in Orlando and working at Disney World! Seriously, I cannot wait. Looking forward to lifeguarding, visiting the beach over and over, and meeting lots of new friends. It's going to be the life.

Gosh, I'm so excited for life. Hello, last two weeks of school, could things be any crazier? I think not! So many things to look forward to in the future, and although there is some sadness and the fact that I currently do not know any of my male friends in the fall, (this is what happens with missions.. girls have no male friends going into fall, it's cool) I am so excited for life. I see life as this wonderful thing that just is happiness crammed into an overflowing ocean of joy. I don't even know if that makes sense, but that's about how gigantic life is for me; an ocean, but one of joy.

Ain't this life the best?

Love always,

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Natalie said...

OKAY. so let's talk about this. I HAVE BEEN MISSING GUY FRIENDS! really, i have thought about this consistently for the last three months. going through the different cycles of guy groups, i just want my junior high buddies! it is so hard! next item of business. i think you and mandy would be the best of friends! third, so jealous of disneyword! ahhh! friends!