Thoughts from the Library.

This week is looking to be a stress case.
But today, I learned some really simple things, and I just had to share.

1. My parents will always have my back. I love them so much and really miss them a ton.  

2. This is true, it's just really hard to see sometimes 

3. This is even truer, life is hard. Be nice. 

4. When people write anonymous, they can write some hurtful things and not even realize it. Please, be careful of what you say; you never know when someone is on the brink of tears and your comment pushes them over. 

5. Sometimes, I just need some time alone with my homework,, and my depressing love songs playlist to regain my sense. 

Here's to fighting through the week. 

Love always,


Sunshine said...

Hey just want to say I love you and I'm here for you. Girls night tomorrow? You want to do something fun? Just call! Love you!! :)

Poison&Wine said...

Picture 3. very true.