The Man of my Childhood.

Today is the 108th birthday of a great man, Mr. Theodore Seuss Geisel, or, Dr. Seuss. 
Realizing that it was his birthday today, I've been thinking about how much I adore Dr. Seuss. His books, I feel, are one of the defining aspects of my childhood, along with American Girl Dolls, the three amigias, and our family motorhome. I loved Dr. Seus. I loved snuggling up to my dad as he would talk of all the places I'd go or of the elephant Horton who sat on that egg with all the patience in the world. 
When I nannied this summer, my little five year-old and I would always read a Dr. Seuss book for reading time, and going back to those books, I realized how wonderful they are. I saw the goodness that Dr. Seuss instilled in me, and I realized that he always wrote about the best things in life. He wrote about adventure and dreams and sticking to what you know you need to do. And that is why I love Dr. Seuss. Because still, after all these years, I can go back and smile while I read his stories and remember that today, I am me, and there is no one on Earth who is me-er than me. 

So thank you, Dr. Seuss. 
I hope you're having a party in Heaven.

Love always,

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