So the call came and he's going to....

Brisbane, Australia speaking Mandarin! 

Wait, what? 
Yup, Mandarin speaking.
I am so excited for him. 

He headed off to Morocco today 
and boy am I going to miss him. 

However, I'm not over it. Australia! 
That is seriously awesome. 
And pretty soon, thanks to Wikipedia, 
he will know everything you would ever want (or not want) to know about Australia.

Those lucky Australians don't know the goodness in store for them .  

Also, in other news, 
it is my best friend's birthday.
Her name is Naomi Billings and I love her. 

Since it's summer and all, 
I'll be posting more regularly. 
And I'll catch up on the ending of school. 
Crazy how fast my Freshman year went by!

Happy Friday!

Love always, 


Karli said...

I hear mail is reliable in Australia. Letters should only take 7 to 10 days. :) So happy for you guys!

Andrea D said...

How exciting (and a tiny bit scary, all at once)! I'm sure you'll miss him, but what an amazing experience. Hope you're in the mood for letter writing :)