The Latest on Life.

Goodness, I don't even remember the last time I posted about real life. So this may be difficult.

First off, my good friend Maeser got his mission call to Fortaleza, Brazil! We were very excited for him!

Maeser and I are movie going buds. Latest wonderful film we saw? Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I highly recommend it.

Next, I went up to my Grandma's with Josh and Sarah the weekend after conference and my Grandma and I were able to find her family in the 1940's census! It was an amazing experience.

Then finals week came and I almost died. I've never spent so much time in the library. Luckily, I had this boy to help me through...
(This is my attempt at his smirk and Jacob laughing at me.. Needless to say, only Jacob can do the Jacob smirk.)

My Aunt Kelly has become quite the Instagramer and I was struck one day by the resemblance between my cousins and myself. I guess this is natural since we're related and Jacob didn't understand what was so amazing about it, I just am really in love with the fact that I have family resemblances in me. It's the good 'ole Barton blood! 

Also, the four of us girls went on an adventure to City Creek Mall in SLC and we loved it! We were especially smitten with the Disney store. Oh, Disney. 

Then, the final days of my Freshman year came to an end. We had graduation, saying goodbye to dear friends, and way too many emotions to express. 
My last night with Mr. Jarvis before the mish. 
(Yes, I tied my own bow-tie)

 My brother Josh is a college graduate! 

Still in shock over Australia. 

So happy I ran into my favorite SLC boy, 
Mr. David Robinson! 

Then we took the long drive home. Luckily I had my best friend Morgan to keep me company, oh, and my amazing book, Death Comes to Pemberley. I highly recommend it to those who love murder and the Darcys. 

I seriously love Arizona. Driving into Mesa and smelling the jasmine was heavenly. And the 102 degree weather makes me want to sit outside all day. That's why Seth and I took a bike ride then drove to the Gilbert Temple. I'm so excited for the dedication! It's going to be beautiful! 

Ah man, life is good. 

Love always, 

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Deborah K said...

Oh my I love you and love the fact that you do have the "good 'ole Barton blood". It's fun when you see who you look like...I know what I'll look like at 60+...yup, I have the Palazzo blood :)

Hope you are going to be at Nikole's wedding in June so I can see you. Love ya fave!