The Disney Life.

Well, folks, life over here at Disney has been wonderful. The best part about working for Disney is that we can go into the parks everyday and so, if we only want to see the fireworks one night, we just hop on the bus and walk into the Magic Kingdom! Which is just what we did one night. Well, we saw the fireworks and stuffed six people in a Peoplemover car... It was cozy, to say the least. 

Last week, we were able to go to Break the Fast, where Riki and I showed our mature side by making pretzel faces. 

We've also spent a vast majority of our evenings (read 11 pm-1 am) playing Just Dance with our Dutch friends. This makes for wonderful memories and lots of laughs because the Dutch are apparently very serious about their Just Dance... And Rick always beats everyone, no matter what. It's this strange thing none of us can figure out. 

Sunday was an eventful day filled with home made oreos, and the most terrifying thunder storm after church. Welcome to life in Florida. Every day I think I'm going to get stuck by lightening... 

Also, missionaries letters are the best surprise a best friend can receive! I miss my good friend Zachary so very much! 

Life is going great. I love it so very much. 

Love always,

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