Natural Disasters.

So, if anyone knows me, they know that one of my greatest fears is natural disasters.... So folks, being stuck out here in Tropical Storm Debby is something new and rather terrifying for me. Here's the thing, since when are tropical storms accompanied by tonados?! I was not aware of this fact, but now that I'm sitting in my apartment under tornado warning (no longer tornado watch, which is not comforting) I'm a bit concerned for my safety. Luckily, I have five hours of church under my belt so I'm thinking I'm safe.... right? 

The only possible good news is that Typhoon Lagoon (along with being more in theme) may not be open for a while... so that's fun... Actually, it just means that I don't get paid, so maybe that's not fun. But it does mean that we have time to hang out in our apartment as roommates and play some more Just Dance. A typical day in the life down here. 

Also, after living in a tropical storm (mind you, it's not even a hurricane season yet....) I think that I shall forever remain in a place where natural disasters do not occur. AKA Arizona/Utah/the West. Yup, I think that's the biggest thing I've learned from Tropical Storm Debby. Thank you for limiting my future, Debby, I'm glad we met. (I can't deicide if that's sarcastic or not.. you decide). 

Here's to my survival! 

Love always, 

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Kaylie said...

Hang in there! I'm with you... The West is where it's at.