Riki and Rick Can Get Confusing.

Here's the thing about this Disney life.
I live in an apartment of six girls.
In that apartment, there are precisely 2 Emmas, 2 Katelynns, 1 Rachel, and 1 Mary.
Normally, there is also usually 1 Rick and 1 Riki.
So, obviously, it can be pretty confusing when names start getting thrown around; you say Emma and two people whip around. Say Rick and usually Rick and Riki will turn to your attention. Apparently though, we can just start calling Riki Rick because that's what her name was on the rotation at work today... Let's just add to the name game, Typhoon.

Regardless, my roommates and I have spent some quality time "stalking" Rick at work. Saturday we warned him we were coming and so we went to Boardwalk and talked to him and then went to Yacht & Beach for Ice Cream. Tuesday night, we spied on him and took stalker photos. There is a possibility we need something more to do in our lives past the 10 o'clock hour.... 

Rick also stole my glasses only to deem that they make it harder for him to see... Mind you, they are total hipster glasses, but he still insisted they made his vision blurry.... Maybe it's a Dutch thing. I guess we will never fully know. 

Life keeps moving along, happy and busy, with magical moments every day- it's a Disney thing.

Love always,

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Emily Sue said...

emma! I love your life! keep blogging.
xoxox- emily