A Belated Birthday Wish.

Jacob is going to be upset that's the picture I chose, but I'm quite in love with the pure happiness that it seems to capture. 


So, July 20th marked a most wonderful day. It was Jacob's birthday and he is FINALLY nineteen. Thank the sweet heavens above, I'm no longer the old lady. Anyway, Jacob is grand, wonderful, stupendous, marvelous, out-of-this-world, awesome, etc. He's definitely one of the greatest guys I have ever met and I owe him a heck of a lot. Here's the thing, Jacob is a waiter. Or at least, he's a waiter when it come to waiting on important things, let's say an important thing like... me. He waits for me a lot. From dating him, to going on a date with him, he always is waiting for me yet, he never ever complains. It really is quite the miracle, if I do say so. But golly gee, am I grateful that he waits. 

Jacob is one of a kind. He's intelligent beyond belief, and yet he's incredibly humble. He's musical, and artistic, and he can write poetry (dunno if he wants the world to know that, but....). Plus, he's tall, dark, and handsom. (I make myself laugh so hard, but really, he is.) He also is very logical which drives me insane sometimes but is something that I need in my life considering I'm one of the most illogical people I know. 

So, for his 19th Birthday, I am wishing that my birthday package makes it to his temporary house in Virginia, and I'm wishing extra hard that somehow the stars align and we get to see each other before he enters the MTC on August 15th. I also wish that his 19th year proves to be one of the best years of his life, and that while he is out serving the people of Australia, he is able to work miracles in the lives of the people there. I wish for his success in the mission field and know that at the very least, that wish will come true because he's going to be an amazing missionary. 

Happy (late) birthday, Mr. Jacob Colton Ladd! 
I miss you!

Love always, 

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