Birthdays are the Best.

I love birthdays. Like really, I love them A LOT.
So yesterday, when it was my roommate Lindsey's birthday,
we left nothing to chance.
The morning started out with a decorated apartment,
german pancakes, presents, and happiness.
We then spent the day dipping fruit,
watching Lord of the Rings, and enjoying the beautiful Saturday afternoon.
Finally, we ended the day with birthday balloon wishes,
an adventure at Outback that included a free appetizer and dessert!
(we had the best waiter- thanks Tim!)

Lindsey is the greatest girl ever and I am so incredibly grateful for her in my life.
She's always so happy and caring and will help you with anything you could ever ask.
I hope that her 20th year of life proves to be fabulous and that she loves it as much as
her 19th year, if not more (hopefully more).

I love you, Lindsey!

Love always,

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