On Maturity.

I had an interesting conversation tonight with a guy who I honestly don't know. 
We had had a previous conversation, and he remarked about the maturity of it and I began to think on the subject. 
I'm only 19. I don't profess to be more mature than my age. In fact, there have been people in my life who have said that I'm exceedingly immature. However, I wouldn't pin myself as that either. 
If I had to describe my maturity, I'd say that I'm just at the right point for my life.
I've experienced things that have been hard but have made me grow. 
I've been beyond elated and in the depths of sadness. 
I've witnessed loss, heart break, and troubles. 
I've exceeded my own expectations and fallen short of them.  

Sure, I'm not mature beyond my age, but I don't feel that it's necessary to be. I'm fine just at my own level of maturity and as I hit more life experiences, I'll grow in maturity, but I don't plan on pushing that maturity on myself. 

Love always,

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Brittany said...

I totally agree with you (though I'm an old soul and need to remember that it's fine to be a little immature sometimes too). Maturity is important, but it's also important to enjoy the stage of life we're in.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my post. Glad to find another fabulous BYU English major.