There is much to be said for friendship. There is much to be said for finding new friendship and relishing in it. There is also so much to be said for strengthening old friendships that never seem to fade, no matter the things it's been through. In my time at college, I've realized how vital that feeling of friendship is to me, and more recently, I've realized how incredibly lucky I am to be surrounded by the friends, both old and new, that I have.

We had some friends over for dinner yesterday, and it was lovely to sit around the table and talk about all sorts of things; the feeling of friendship was almost palpable in our apartment, and in that moment, I was so incredibly happy. Then again today,  I sat in the library with a friend and my heart was full of a different happiness that I haven't felt for a while; a feeling of camaraderie and laughter that seemed to fill every part of my soul. When I came home to the roommates that I love, I was once again filled with that happiness, knowing they were ready and willing to listen to any exasperations or excitements that had happened today- I was just as eager to hear of their days. And as I went about the duties of the day, a dear, dear friend called me for advice, and I felt that we were both strengthened and uplifted by the conversation that ensued.

Knowing that you have people who truly care for you is an amazing blessing. It's incredible to see how friends reach out to you without even knowing how much you needed that hug or  that five minute phone call. I hope beyond all hope that I'm as good a friend to those I love as they are to me.

Love always,

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David Barton said...

"exasperations or excitements" nice phrase! You are a fabulous writer.