Good Conversation.

I've begun to realize that some of my happiest moments in life revolve around good conversation. There is nothing that I love more than sitting down with a friend, or a stranger, or a somewhere-in-between, and just talking for hours on end.

Last night I went on a date with a boy from my British Literature class. I was incredibly nervous before he picked me up because I felt like I hadn't been on a date with someone I wasn't well acquainted with in ages. But from the moment he picked me up, to the moment he dropped me off, we just talked and talked and talked without a single lull in the conversation. We talked about everything from the pillow pet my roommates bought me last year, to tithing, to what we hope to accomplish in our lives. It was so easy, and it was so good. I came home incredibly energized and happy and with so many new and wonderful thoughts and ideas in my head.

I love the opportunity that good conversation allows you to really understand a person. People fascinate me and I adore how good conversation helps me see the world from their perspective. I like when you find a subject that you don't agree on, but you can understand one another's perspectives. I love to see the facial expressions of people when they talk about their family, or the person who broke their heart. I feel that there are few things that are more human that understanding a person through conversation. We need that conversation, we thrive off of it, and I feel that it lifts your heart and brightens your life in such a beautiful way.

It's an amazing thing we have- the ability to communicate and understand one another's lives and stories. It's something that I've really begun to cherish.

Love always,

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Amanda said...

Such a beautiful post. I agree! There is nothing better than finding something to talk about with a stranger.