One Twelfth.

Sometimes, I feel like every day is an accomplishment. 
Let me rephrase that, everyday I feel like getting through the day is an accomplishment. 
There are lots of reasons.
One, sometimes it's really hard to get up and go to school when it's pitch black and 30 degrees outside (let's not talk about winter coming.)
Two, working for 20 hours a week. Sometimes I feel like work is my life.  (Good thing I love it)
Three, getting all my homework done and still having time to enjoy my friends. 
Four, getting to sleep at a decent hour. 
Five, not crying because I miss that darn good missionary. 

So ya, everyday is an accomplishment  and today, I've accomplished one twelfth of my ultimate accomplishment. That one twelfth feels like it's been five years already. 

Time is a funny thing, because I look back and I think, "Wow, I cannot believe it's already mid-October." 
Then I think, "Wait a second, shouldn't it already be Christmas?" 
And I end thinking, "Just keep moving on because the less you think about it, the faster it'll go."

But overall, life is good. 
I've got amazing roommates,
the best work friends on the planet, 
and I'm taking classes that I adore and can't wait to get to each day.  

Oh, and after my French speaking exam, my French teacher told me he was impressed with my fluidity. It made my day. I practically skipped out of the JKB. 

Life is good.

Love always,


Karli said...

1/12 is a huge accomplishment. In a month, it will be 1/8. And a month after that, 1/6! totally doable. :)

Natalie said...

man, it really is hard getting through the day.

Haylee Freeman said...

Totally understand how you feel. Let's go back to junior high and play Nancy Drew and watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh the joys of growing up. Ps I like the quote you posted.