Reflections on my Time at Disney.

 Recently, I've been suffering from something I've coined, "Disney Depression". My dad freaked out a little bit when I told him I was suffering from it because he thought I hated my time spent in Florida. He would be wrong. Today, I would like to shed some light on my time spent at Disney and why I'm suffering from Disney Depression.

Disney was an absolutely amazing experience- one that I would not trade in for the world. Working for Disney and being part of the Disney College Program has ALWAYS been one of my life goals. In fact, I remember when I first heard about the Disney College Program and began to realize that being a part of the Disney cast was an absolute possibility- I had a mini freak out inside. The career counselor at Mountain View told me about it and how her daughter had gone twice and loved it. From that moment, I knew I would be applying to the program in the future. 

When I got accepted into the program, I was ecstatic. I could not contain my happiness. I immediately printed out the acceptance letter and hung it up on my wall. There were lots of bumps along the way of getting to Florida but eventually, it all worked out and I flew across the country to start an amazing part of my life. 

Once in Florida, I was blessed to have 5 amazing roommates who I will forever love and cherish. We were all the same age and all excited to finally be working at Walt Disney World. We got along (for the most part) and had Just Dance parties up the wazoo. Honestly, they were so great and such life savers- all of them.

Actually working for Disney was wonderful. I had great people I worked with and interacted with the most adorable kiddos every day. It was easy to go to work because there was a group of us "Mormon girls" that the entire cast of Typhoon liked, respected, and found adorably innocent (go figure... it happens).  It was nice to count on Marisa, Riki, Emma, Megan, and Brooke to have as wing-women (and Adam was always a great wing-man). Together, we spent countless hours sweating in the ridiculous Florida heat trying not to die of heat exhaustion. 

The part that was hard for me was the relationship that I got into down there. Which, granted, had I listened to my mom or remembered how much a certain boy living in Morocco meant to me, would have never happened but, I was an "adult" living on the other side of the country- clearly my mom didn't know what she was talking about (boy was I wrong about that).  Ultimately, I think that the relationship ruined my happiness at Disney. Church, which was once my safe haven from the craziness at Typhoon, now became a place where I was glared at with animosity as I sat trying to enjoy services. It was stressful, saddening, and depressing. I almost always came away from church on the verge of tears. It's amazing how much one person can hurt you.

Luckily, I had roomies who loved me and alway had my back plus, Mr. Rick Dekers came into my life and became a cherished friend and body guard (haha. The body guard part is only half a joke... half not). Between my roomies, my Dutch friends, my Australian friends, and some really kind and caring people at church, I was able to mostly keep my head up. However, when my family arrived in Florida and picked me up from work, I couldn't hold back the sobbing. Finally, I had my dependable safe haven back. As it turned out, my mom had to use to my ticket home to fly to Utah because my grandma shattered her ankle. This meant I had to curtail my time at Disney and drive home with my dad and brothers. Looking back at the state I was in towards the end of my program, this was a huge blessing in disguise. 

Now that I've gone on for probably a lot longer than needed, let me tell you why I am suffering from Disney Depression. Disney is hands down the most magical company in the world. People always ask me if working in the parks ruins the magic and I always say it doesn't lessen the magic one little bit. There is just a happiness that Disney creates that stimulates those happy endorphins in you. It's contagious. I would go back to work for Disney in a heart beat. Seeing commercials for Disney Parks every time a commercial break comes on during The Bachelor (yes, we are addicted in Apt. 25) is like a pluck at my hear strings. The happiness that they portray in those commercials is 100% authentic. 100%! That is what I adore about Disney. Sure, I don't miss standing out in the 100 degree heat with 90% humidity, but I do miss the magic of the parks. The laughing kids meeting the Mickey, the little princesses prancing around in their dresses- each a real live Belle or Cinderella. I miss the smiles of cast members and being able to relate to them when they say they're on overtime right now. I miss the parades, the music, the dancers, the costumes, the fireworks. 

There is just nothing in the world that compares to Disney. 
That's why I will suffer from Disney Depression for my entire life.
It's incurable and yet, it's so special. 
So thanks, Mr. Walt Disney for providing something that nobody can recreate nor capture adequately in words- you've touched millions 
(if not billions) of people with your magic. 

Love always, 

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