A Love Poem.

Seeing as today is the great state of Arizona's birthday, which the holiday of Valentine's happens to be lucky enough to share, I thought it fitting that I write a poem about my lovely home state. 
Oh, My Sweet Arizona

Oh, my sweet Arizona, 
What I would give to be in your arms this day,
Celebrating you, as everyone ought to,
Basking in your glorious sunsets,
Soaking in your beautiful heat, 
Enjoying the splendor of your Superstition rage, 
Being touched by every last ray of sun 
That your counterpart Utah withholds from me. 

Oh, my sweet Arizona, 
how beautiful you are to me.
How I adore every inch of you,
How I yearn to be reunited with your saguaros, 
Avoiding your prickly parts, 
Lying on the rocks of your foundations,
Knowing that you love me as I love you,
And never doubting that you will take me back.

Oh, my sweet Arizona, 
Why, of why, am I without you 
On your hundred and first birthday?

Oh, my sweet Arizona,
Know that my love is forever, 
and that you will always have my heart. 
Happy Arizona Statehood Day, everyone! 
(Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day.... if we must)

Love always,


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God bless AZ! I like the poem and the new blog look.