Sweet Summer.

In the midst of my study break tonight, I came across this wonderful picture from the summer of 2009- the summer that I was lucky enough to go to Greece. Looking at this picture, I decided it epitomizes summer: travel, sunshine, living in your swimsuit, and making tons of memories. Then I started thinking about the summer ahead of me: school, work, Provo, Provo, Provo, and hopefully new friends and adventures! You win some, you lose some. Then I remembered that I am going to Paris this fall, and I wasn't too sad.

Well, that's a lie. I was stil sad because it's still 21 degrees outside and all I want is some vitamin D in abundant amounts- is that too much to ask for, Utah? I guess it will come along at some point, right? For now, I'll stay cuddled up in my double fleece blanket that my fabulous sister-in-law made me (thanks, Sarah!).

Oh, for it to be summer again. I cannot wait.

Love always,

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Meg said...

I am over this utah weather. I need some sun.