Oh, Life.

Happiness.  That is how I would describe this fabulous thing called life. Happiness amidst all the crazy cold and snow. Lemme tell ya, I'm not a fan of the snow and after the dry winter of last year, I'm dying. Snow and cold weather are a serious problem when your closet mainly consists of skirts and dress.

Weather rant aside, this semester has started off like a firework. It's been full of excitement, changes, amazing classes, and of course, some budget office craziness- life isn't complete without some budget office craziness. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job? I love my job. Also, craziness of the month (well, part of the craziness of the month) was realizing that Jacob's uncle is a professor in the Physics department! Say what? Why I didn't piece this together sooner is a mystery to me. Other notable events from the budget office include: another brownie failure (it's officially the guillotine of the office), another hundred pieces of fruit being polished, and pushing Melissa around the 4th floor on the scooter-cabinet-file-mover (we are professional). 

The changes in life have come in break ups (it's ok, we're still friends), decisions to go to Paris, becoming party animals (seriously, we are at a party every weekend- say what?), making lots of new friends (and becoming their friends by playing Keys...oh my), deciding to go off sugar for a month with Sophia (why we picked February, we'll never know), oh, and trying to figure out where I want to live spring/summer (too many options). 

Things to look forward to this month: warmer weather (a girl can dream), CALIFORNIA with the six amigos, Alex and Becca's birthdays (!!), starting my study abroad class, and maybe surviving the guillotine of the office by successfully making brownies for Nan (assuming she unbans me from brownie making). 

Favorite things of the moment: Valentine's Day lovin', Pitch Perfect CD, Keats's poetry, Dr. Walker's class, Frankenstein, my Poem a Day book, Taylor Swift, snuggies, The Gentleman's Game, and Kara's RIPPED class (Sophie and I can hardly move after her class). 

People, life is so incredibly wonderful. I'm feeling extremely blessed over here. 

Love always,

p.s. I apparently have a new thing for parentheses? 


Kelsie said...

Dr. Walker's classes are THE best. :)

Sophia said...

First of all parentheses are the very best. They allow nothing to go unsaid. That witty remark you're dying to make... parentheses. A side note that is just to clever to pass up... parentheses. A quick recap or short thought... parentheses.

Second, February is the worst month but we ARE champions. At working out and not eating sugar. It's a talent.. but better.

Love this. Love you! Live with us Spring/Summer!