Happy 20th, Ms. Alexandra!

I have this really great friend named Alex.
It's her birthday today and she is now 20.
The big two-zero.
Alex and I met in our sophomore choir class at Mountain View. We were both altos. We sat next to each other. Apparently my first question to her was if she knew Ashli Bear- why? Neither of us will ever know. However, we talked and became friends at a pretty good rate but, it wasn't until my phone went off in class that our friendship was cemented. You see, my ringtone was India Arie's "There's Hope" and Alex, being an India Arie fan, instantly recognized it and accepted me as her friend. Thank goodness- I dunno what I'd do without this girl in my life.

Alex has always been such an amazing friend to me and through the years, our friendship has only grown. It's been so fun to live with her this year and I'm so grateful for everything she does for everyone in the apartment. She makes us laugh, cooks yummy food, puts on crazy dance parties, and keeps us up to date on the happenings of the world. Not to mention her mad tap skills that keep us all moving and grooving (yup, I just said that). I seriously love Alex with a large majority of my heart. I'm glad she always has my back and talks sense into me when I'm being totally nonsensical. She is the Elizabeth Bennett in my life.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Alexandra! Hope that this 20th year of life is everything you want it to be!

Love always,

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