Jenga Master - Almost.

On Saturday, I hung out with Ms. Sophia. We were at her house when somebody suggested that we play Jenga. The majority of people didn't want to play, so instead, we decided to have a Jenga-off between the two self-proclaimed Jenga masters- a boy named Michael and myself.

Well, the game got crazy. I have never played so many rounds of Jenga without the tower falling over, but we kept pulling blocks out and putting them on top. I was just about to win, even had my block on top of the tower, when I accidentally hit the shaky table we were playing on and- CRASH - it all came tumbling down.

The funniest part was that Sophia's brother, Chase, started a running commentary on the game as though we were playing Jenga, ESPN Edition. That's why I'm laughing so hard in the picture- Chase was commenting on my tactics of always trying to remove the middle block.

Isn't life all about the simple moments? The Jenga games that turn out to be the best parts of the night?

I sure think so.

Love always,

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Sophia said...

Isn't that SO true? The littlest things make all the difference.

That night was AWESOME. One more before you ditch me for the summer? Ok?