I really wasn't going to post about conference because I feel that the blogging world is overpowered with conference posts, however, I think I would be undoubtably ungrateful if I didn't share a few thoughts. And one of the brethren said that we should share our faith more often online, so here ya go!

This conference, I went into conference in a totally different manner than I ever have. Our stake presidency had challenged us to read a talk a night in preparation for general conference. I started off a bit half-heartedly. My bedtime routine was already fairly extensive and adding on another thing to study before I was difficult. However, probably two weeks ago, I sat in institute and the challenge was given again and I decided to really take it upon myself to commit.

So I did. Every night I read a talk from October's conference and there was a palpable difference in my life. I can't fully describe that difference, but it was clearly prevalent in my life, my attitude, and my desire to do good. It made a difference in my willingness, excitement, and desire to learn from conference.

Reflecting back on conference, I realize that worries and concerns I didn't even know were really on my mind were completely calmed during conference. One, that I've written about before, was the feeling I struggle with that desiring to be a mother above anything else made me "less successful" and "less of a woman". Oh, how silly that thought seems to me now. Sis. Dalton's (I was close to tears when she got released) talk is now my new mantra. My desire to be a mother was reaffirmed as a righteous and wonderful goal, and I realized that those thoughts of inferiority are from Satan.

I felt that there was so much focus on the family and I soaked it all in. I know that the world I will have to raise my family in will be terrifying, but I have great faith and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the divine support network of the church. I have great hope that through the teachings of latter day prophets, I will find strength to correctly guide my children to righteousness and happiness. I realize now, more than I ever have, that Sis. Dalton's words are true: "It is mothers ho most directly influence the lives of children... how great is their worth, how marvelous their contribution." I think I need to frame that quote in my room.

I am so excited for the opportunity to raise children. I know it will be hard, but I know there is nothing greater that I can do with my life. I'm grateful beyond expression for the uplifting words I heard this conference weekend. What a blessing it is to be led by men and women who are so close to God and know precisely what we most need to hear.

Love always,

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Sophia said...

I love that you stand up for what you believe in . This is a wonderful testament to the eternal truths that were presented at Conference.

I too, am thrilled with the idea of being a wife and ultimately a mother. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that.

This is in a passage from Daughters in My Kingdom, "Joseph Smith taught Relief Society sisters of their nobility as daughters of God, helping them understand that God loved them and had grand purposes for them to fulfill. Women in the Church play essential roles in Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation—just as important as the roles played by men who hold the priesthood. The Lord has endowed women with an innate desire to serve and bless others, and He has entrusted them with a sacred responsibility to use their gifts to help save His children."

Remember that. Preach sister. Preach it.