Tonight, I sliped on my flip flops for the first time in months, and as I did, I was immediately taken back to my memories of Florida and the many different parks those shoes had walked through.

 Maybe I'm just weird, but my shoes hold lots of memories. I have so many different pairs, but whenever I slip on certain pairs, I'm instantly taken back to the memories that I created in them.

For example, when I put on my brown flats earlier this week, I was reminded of how I bought them to wear to Senior Year Winter Formal. Slipping on my Sperry Top-siders remind me of Disney, as do all my sandals, but especially my Salt Waters. My black Toms remind me of visiting Josh in DC and my Pumas remind me of running on the BYU track with Morgan last year.

Maybe I'm just a sentimental person, but I feel like my shoes are a part of me. They've gone everywhere with me, and they've done their job well. I love that such a simple piece of my closet can bring back such fond memories; it's almost as though my shoes inspire me to go out and do something worthwhile while I'm wearing them.

Love always,

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