On Going Home.

When it came down to the decision of going home for the summer, or staying in Provo, it really was a difficult choice for me to make. You see, there were lots of good things in Provo: a job that I love, ample amounts of time spent with Sophia on REU adventures, and the potential of lots of new friends. Going home consisted of..... well, not much. Most of my friends are married, engaged, on misions, or at school, so I'd be up a creek there. But then, my dad offered me a job offer I couldn't refuse that also came with a new opportunity to nanny again, and a realization that I'd be able to save a lot more money for Paris by living at home and mooching off my parents, so, the decision was made.

It was hard, and I was bummed for a while, but as the time has gotten closer, the warm 110 degrees of Arizona could not come faster. The main reason being those people up there- my family. I cannot wait to spend my entire summer with those crazies. As we've all grown older, we've become even better friends and it is going to be so wonderful to be with them all the time. Not to mention that I'm overjoyed that I'll be able to see Seth head off to his Jr. year prom! There are just so many good things that come with family.

I know that it'll be sad and a bit lonely to see all the pictures that Sophia posts of REU craziness and her missionary coming home, but I've promised her I'll come and visit and I intend to keep that promise! (A girl has got to meet her best friend's husband before they're engaged, right?). Mostly, I'm just excited to stop living off of Campbell's soup and bean burritos..... Ok, not mostly, but it will be a major perk.

Anyway, watch out, Arizona, this girl is coming home!
(in two weeks, at least)

Love always,

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Sophia said...

First of all there are a couple of things I do not support here...
1. Going home.
2. Leaving me alone with REU.
3. Abandoning me.
4. Choosing family over friends. ;)
5. Posting awesome pictures that I will be insanely jealous of from the outdoors while I am in an office.
6. Leaving me.

There are however a few things I DO approve of:

1. Visiting me.
2. Meeting William. Aka part of the future best friend couples thing.
3. Refusing to eat more canned goods.
4. Visiting Utah.
5. Hangin' with the fam. (I did that after Ecuador. It's awesome).

ANYWAY, I love you. You will be sorely missed. Just keep that in mind.

You. Are. Breaking. My. Heart. :)