My Best Friend's Wedding.

Happiness in marriage and parenthood can exceed a thousand times any other happiness
-James E. Faust  
And all at once, my best friend is married and off to start her new life with her wonderful husband. Yesterday, I was privileged to spend the day helping with my best friend's wedding. Ms. Naomi Billings became Mrs. Naomi Shumway and it was fabulous in every sense of the word. Never have I felt so much joy nor been so excited for a single event. You see, in high school, Nams and I liked to joke that we lead parallel lives. We would always line up our "cast of characters" and oddly enough, funny/sad/exciting things would always happen at the same time for us. That is, it all happened at the same time till I broke up with Dear Mr. Garrett and she got engaged to Peteypete. Then our lives went *bloop* and switched to different planes. But I've never been happier for her. I remember exactly where I was when my phone started ringing, "Pretty Young Thing" and I realized she was calling to tell me that her and Peter were engaged. I couldn't believe she was engaged, but now, after the blur of yesterday, I can't imagine her as anything but married to Peter. Peter is the perfect addition to Naomi- one of the few boys she dated that I actually liked (she'lll testify to that). He is kind beyond compare- the type of kindness where he paid for my Bahaman Bucks (and Nam's, and Ted's) the first time I hung out with him and Naomi (it's a big deal, ok?). He's weird just like Naomi and loves life just as much as Naomi.  I really have grown to love Peter so much even though I've hardly been able to spend any time with him because I've been at school. Peter treats Naomi like the amazing woman she is and I know that he loves her more than anything else in the world (even more than his brother Ted, which I thought might be impossible- even though we love Ted).

Their reception was perfectly Naomi. Jars, flowers, old cameras, and old suitcases- everything she'd been collecting for years put together for her perfect night. An abundance of people flooded her backyard, each genuinely happy for the couple and their happiness. The outpouring was amazing and really quite heart-warming. I think the number of people that showed up shows just how wide-spread Naomi's influence is in people's lives. You can't meet Naomi and dislike her; for, simply being with her, you feel that your life is better and that there is an infinite amount of joy to be found. That's part of my love for weddings- seeing everyone come in support of the bride and groom. People spill into to support their love, support their happiness, support their growth, support the life they'll live, rejoice in the lives they've lead, rejoice in their stalwartness to get to this point, rejoice in the beauty of friendship and family.

The best part of the night I couldn't name a best part of the night, but a part I will hold on to forever was the all fateful bouquet toss. I've never actually caught a bouquet and as Kyle said, "I knew you were serious when you handed your phone to me". I wasn't I'm-going-to-trample-the-child-in-front-of-me serious, but I was pretty darn determined to catch that thing. She tossed it back, and praise the bouquet toss gods, it landed in my out-stretched hands. Naomi turned around, we both screamed, then ran to hug each other. I dunno about her, but I oddly had tears in my eyes- excitement, joy, pure happiness? Regardless, it was everything I ever wanted a bouquet catch to be. Can't express how happy I am that it was at my best friend's wedding.

Mrs. Naomi Shumway, I will love you forever. You have made my life wonderful in more ways than I could possible ever say and I will forever be grateful for the memories we have – you best believe that I expect many more memories to come. I'm  so grateful your Darcy finally came and that the two of you were sealed for time and all eternity. I know that life will bring you every happiness and that you and Peter will never have a dull moment. You will always be an example to me in every way and I know that I'll be able to count on you whenever I need you. I expect that you, Peter, my future husband, and I will get along and spend time together laughing, chatting, and playing Mario Kart. I can't believe you're all grown up and married, but there's no one I would rather run around in the hundred degree heat for all day. ;) Best of luck to you and Peteypete- not that you need luck, for you already have happiness.

Love always,

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