Thoughts on being a Nanny.

I finally started my nannying job this week and I'm in love- again.

To say the month of May has been difficult for me  would be a minor understatement. It was incredibly difficult for me to transition from Provo  to back home and while I'm so happy to be back home, I was feeling pretty lonely- until I started nannying.

All week, I've been thinking about that verse in Psalms that reads, "Children are an inheritance from the Lord" and realizing how incredibly true that is. I cannot even fully explain how greatly I have felt that children are such a blessing in life. Even though my little kidlets aren't my own, they are blessing my life.

Children have an undeniable love for everyone (it seems). They are quick to befriend you, love you, and call you the best. They are excited to be alive, to explore the world, and to say uncle whenever you start tickling them. There is an infinity of goodness in their world; their world stands untainted from the sorrow and misery of adulthood. It's refreshing and energizing.

I think one of the greatest things they have taught me in this single week is pure and simple: love. To them, love is simple, it's easy, and it's natural. I don't understand why, when you become an adult, love becomes so complicated. Why can't we just love everyone like kids do? I have a firm belief that we, as people need to say, "I love you" more because the more love we have in life, the happier we will be. Love every day you encounter. Love the time you have with your family. Love the people in your life because really, aren't we all the same- sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father.

Besides, if we're trying to become like Jesus, I think that first thing we all need to learn is to have more love in our lives.

Love always,

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