Secret Sides.

 I love finding secret sides to people. I feel that everyone has a little bit of a secret side to them. The side that secretly wants to be a poet, or a movie star, or the next Josh Groban. These aren't the sides that we joke about or rejoice in, they're the sides that are so private and sacred to us that we just kind of hide them from the public. It's rare that anyone discovers them, but sometimes you do, and I think those secret sides say more about a person than anything that person could ever express in words.

I've talked before about dreams and how important I think it is to continue dreaming and to instill dreaming into children: this goes hand-in-hand with people's secret sides. I think that these secret desires of our hearts are important to becoming the best person we can; it's important to have something you're trying to achieve- even if it's only in private. Who knows, maybe someday my ridiculously awful collection of sappy poetry scribbled into a mini journal will mean a lot to my posterity. I certainly hope I leave behind something for them to cherish and remember me by (maybe something better than sappy poetry).

Just because we're "adults" doesn't mean we have to give up on our greatest hopes. Our fears may be greater, and the pressure may seem unsurmountable, but we can conquer all if we only believe. We can at least leave a mark on the world in some form or another. Even if it's just a mark on that cute boy who sits next to you in class, or a mark on your daughter who feels like the boy she likes will always be a jerk and happens to find your poetry journal.

I don't think we should just let these desires hide forever. Let them be seen, let them roar, but only on occasion. Only when you are sure they won't be mocked and scorned, because after all, these are our very own secret sides, and they do mean an awful lot to us.

Love always,


BronteCampbell said...

I love love love this. This is exactly what I needed to day. Thank you so much!

Natalie said...

this is perfect. i love it.