A Golden Birthday!

Today it is the golden birthday of this cute Elder- Mr. Jacob Colton Ladd. How can you resist that smile? I find it impossible. He is 20 today, and seeing as it is the 20th of July, it is his golden birthday! I was always jealous of people who got golden birthdays when they understood what a golden birthday is. I had no clue about golden birthdays when I turned 6!

Anyway, seeing as it is his golden birthday, and seeing as I always love to celebrate and make cake, Morgan and I will be making a cake in honor of this great day and sharing it with my family. Who knows, we may even add candles (who am I kidding, of course there will be candles). I love a good birthday celebration, don't you?

Anyway, I'm sure he spent his day (since it was yesterday for him since he's in Australia and time is a weird thing like that) working really hard out in the field and enjoying the not-so-cold Australian winter. Hopefully somebody sang him Happy Birthday because as embarrassing as that always is, everyone needs it to be sung to them once. My bet is he didn't get it sung to him, because he probably didn't even tell anyone it was his birthday- because that's what Jacob does, he's a no fuss kind of person. Which I guess is part of the reason he's serving a mission and I'm not, because gosh dangit, I like my birthday to be celebrated! The Chinese speaking people of Australia sure are lucky to have such a wonderfully caring, loving, selfless, and kind person; I know he is loving every second of his service!

Happy birthday, Elder! You are very loved and missed over here in the states!

Love always,

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