An Addiction

Have you ever had a moment when you realize you are totally addicted to something?
That's happened to me a few times:
Wedding Blogs
Harry Potter
Dr. Who
Monday email days

Recently, I realized my new addiction:
Here's the thing. I really like books (duh). I read them constantly and quite literally always have something with me to read (made easier with all the new books on my phone). So, it's really no surprise that Barnes & Noble is my favorite store in the entire world and that I would rather spend all my money there than at... let's say... JCrew (even though I really like JCrew). Here is why this addiction is a problem:

You see, B&N is a tricky little stinker.

I walk in for a journal- that's my only goal.
Out of the corner of my eye I spy the John Green table...
"Ohhhh... I should finish my collection of John Green!"
On my way to the journals I find the "New Summer Reads!"
I think: "I can snatch one of those!"
I pass the awesome stacks of anthologies....
Me:"Oh, look! I love Fitzgerald! His complete short stories for $7? Done! Oh! And American Short Stories? Done again!"
Proceed to pick out journal
Checkout man: "That's $50"
Me: "Dangit. Why did I do that? I only needed a journal! Oh well, I love books. I can keep books forever. My children will love me for my book collection... and so will my husband... "

The next week I walk in:
"Classics! Only $7 for a hardback! Oh, let's snatch up four of them!"
Checkout man:"That's $30."
To myself I think: "I will NOT do that again. Ok, well, not this month.. or week. at least...."

And again, the next week:
I walk in: "Ok. Just get the book for your brother and walk out."
30 minutes later and no phone call from my dad (who's picking me up)
"Well... they are buy 2 get the 3rd one free! How can I resist?"
Checkout man:
"That's $30".
To myself: "This is unhealthy for my wallet. I need to shop on Amazon more".

But I can't help it. I need a ban from that store.....

Or a really large gift card there.

Love always,

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