I'm moving to Amsterdam.

Folks, I'm done for.
The Netherlands is the most beautiful place, full of the friendliest people, and abounding with astounding history.
Who wouldn't want to move here?

Let me tell you,
We went to NYC on Sunday, and it was just a tad bit... too city for me.

We arrived in Amsterdam this morning, and I'm smitten.
100% done for, smitten.
It is beautiful.
Every little sidewalk, the thousands of bikes, the tall, blond people, the flowers, the trees, the canals! Everything! I think I'm smitten enough to think that the trash is wonderful (which there is very little of). I think I want to stay here forever. I can find myself a husband amongst all these 6"+ men, right? Heavens, I hope so!

We spent the day visiting the Rijksmuseum, then looking for Rembrandt's home, and then catching up
my old Disney friend, Mr. Rick Dekkers! The day ended with a beautiful canal tour that ended with an invitation extended to me to go out for drinks with our attractive Dutch captain/tour guide. However, I was too flustered to be polite so I harshly (ok, not super harshly) declined him- I will probably live to regret the fact that  I was not spontaneous and fun. Yup, I'll definitely regret that. 
Amsterdam, we must meet again. 
Love always,

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Natalie said...

ahhh! incredible! i've always wanted to go to the netherlands, my dad served there! he loves to get on google maps and show me his areas. a dream. ahhh. enjoy your adventure lady!