The end of the Pre-Adventure.

My travels with my parents came to an end yesterday. But let me recap the rest of our journey.
We had a lovely time in the countryside of the Netherlands and stumbled upon some perfectly Dutch windmills.
We discovered the most fantastic yarn bombing in Hoorn, which was wonderfully cheerful. Who doesn't like a good yarn bombing? My favorite was these little statues who were very kindly knitted sweaters.
We returned to Amsterdam that night; I kicked myself, again, for not going out with Mr. Dutch man, and then went to sleep so that we could depart very early in the morning for Belgium. In the morning, I mourned the fact that we were leaving Amsterdam because I love it so much and want to move there, and then we were off.

In Antwerp, Belgium, I took a grand total of one picture. #gome. But it was a beautiful city with the most delicious waffles. Belgian waffles are real and they are so good. That's all I have to say on the matter of Belgium. Wait. No, it's not. I also have to say that they are a very confused country. They speak 3 languages: German, French, and Dutch. I think we should maybe just split Belgium up between those three countries and call it good. Hopefully I'm not offending any Belgians by saying that... Anyway.

The last day, we headed to France via Luxembourg and Germany. It was lovely and Luxembourg is picturesque.

We stopped by Strasbourg, France to check out the Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg and to see La Petite France. Both were beautiful.

And then... we drove to Paris. I said goodbye to my parents and joined my study abroad friends, and the adventure of my life began.

There are stories to come of our first night in Paris and our first day with our host family. And oh boy, our journey to our host family a story to share.

À bientôt!

Love always,

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