Sister Jordynn Louise Alston

One would think that since I've sent off all my guy friends on missions, that I would be better at this. But I'm not.
The only redeeming quality of the month of August is that next August, I will get Jacob back.
As for now,
I hate August for always stealing my favorite people.

Tonight, Jordynn was set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
We had a great drive to and from Casa Grande to talk, try not to cry, and discuss spiritual matters.
But it didn't change our goodbye.
We tried out hardest not to cry,
but just like the night of graduation,
the tears came, and we parted through our craffing tears (cry/laughing).

Jordynn and I were "sisters" on our stake Exodus trek my ninth grade year.
Since then, we've been pretty inseparable, and we've stuck to the title of sisters.
There are few who know and understand me better than Jordynn.
Few who care more about me.
Few who I care more about.
I love Jordynn for all that she's taught me.
She's one of the most Christ-like people I know and she has carefully focused her whole life on Christ.

I wish I could more adequately describe my love for her, but tonight, my heart is simply full and stretched taunt as I face the next 18 months without my sister/side-kick/best friend.
I know that she will be the most amazing missionary.
I know that there are people waiting for her who she will find, love, and bring to the gospel.
I know that she's chosen the best path for herself, and I could not be more excited for her.

But I will miss her so much.
I already feel the gap in my life.

But she'll be back.
Until then....

God speed, Sister Alston.
I'll love you forever.

Love always,

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