Why not celebrate?

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time as my friend knows that I love a good party. In fact, I was recently reminiscing with my good friend, Zac, and he reminded me that I threw him an awesome 18th birthday party our senior year (granted, I very much wanted to date him so I probably put in EXTRA work at the point (p.s it paid of)). Going away to college, I don't have an awesome back yard to throw mega parties like I used to- the kind of parties that are complete with Just Dance on the huge projector, swimming, tables for games, and a warm, crackling fire- but I do still find lots of reason to celebrate- like a good test score or a cute boy posting on my FB wall. I think that you should celebrate anything that is 1. Semi-related to to you in some sort of way or 2. A giant cause of happiness.

That being said, since Jacob's birthday was on the 20th of July, and considering that it was his GOLDEN birthday, I called up Morgan and told her that we had great cause to celebrate. But since I don't really have any friends here in Mesa (yet alone friends  in Mesa that know Jacob- except Morgan, of course) we decided that the best celebration was whipping up some good 'ole Oreo cupcakes (oh, deliciousness in a cupcake). It was a wonderful evening filled with plenty of laughter and a few almost-fatal mistakes (in her defense, Morgan doesn't bake as much as I do). We stuck 20 candles in 4 cupcakes, because we figured that 20 candles in one cupcake would probably be a major disaster, wished Jacob happy birthday with a smiling, glowing,  picture, and blew the candles out before sharing the cupcake love with my family.

I will always love celebrations. So if you have a reason to celebrate, let me know. I'll have a party of my own- I'm not kidding.

Love always,

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