For the Beauty.

As I've spent numerous hours in churches, I've grown a great love for the way in which the catholic church makes their houses of worship. These churches are incredible. Each church I walk into, I reflect on how it portrays the beauty of religion and the devotion of the people. Many of the great churches we've visited took decades, if not a century, to build.

We were able to visit Chartres last weekend, and it was magnificent. We had a tour from the man who wrote the book (quite literally) on Chartres Cathedral: Malcom Miller.  He explained to us many of the stained glass windows, as well bestowing some facts about the various fires Chartres survived, and the competition between Chartres and Notre Dame de Paris.

After enjoying the beauty of Chartres Cathedral, we had some free time to wander the town of Chartres and we stumbled upon the most beautiful church- Église Saint-Aignan. We weren't completely sure we could go, but since the doors were open, we decided to head on in. In Alex's words, "I'm really glad we're go-inners."

One thing I've come to appreciate while walking through these churches is the Catholic practice of saints. Saints usually illude my religious understanding, but as I've sat in the chapels built to different saints, I've come to understand the comfort in saints. While Jesus Christ suffered for the entirety of our existence, these saints experienced specific things, or did specific things, that we can relate to. It's hard for me to explain in which ways I understand prayers to saints, but the more I see candles lit for saints, the more I understand the practice. 

I love the opportunity to visit these beautiful places of worship and to reflect upon God nearly every day in an awe-inspiring church. The craftsmanship of each building is astounding, and while none of these buildings are where I worship, I cannot deny the presence of God in each of them. I believe that any building built with such devotion to God will welcome God's spirit and touch your heart. 

Love always,

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My name is Lydia said...

oh my goodness.. i love these pictures so much! they bring back so many memories! i've also been to chartres but i was terrible at recording it. and i SO wish someone had been there to explain the stain glass windows because our teacher made us write responses about what they depicted and i quite literally had no idea. but they were beautiful! what a wonderful experience to hear from the man who wrote that book.